How to add links the right way on Facebook

Posting regularly on Facebook is important if you want to engage with people and give them a chance to get to know you.


There are several types of messages on Facebook. For this post I want to talk about the link message. These messages can be used to share information with your readers that you think is important for them. This can be information leading back to your own website.For example if you have just published a new blog post. Or information you have found on the web.

There is a right and a wrong way of adding links. First I will show you how NOT to do it.

wrong way to add links in Facebook



Nor do you want to do it this way.

wrong way to add links in Facebook

So what is wrong with these examples?

The first example shows the link twice. I have highlighted what you should delete. When you add a link in Facebook within a few seconds it will generate a link box as you see in the picture. This will show the title, a little bit of text and hopefully an image. Facebook does this automatically. And you can now take out your originally link text. It does not look very professional to leave it in nor does it look pretty.

In the second example the opposite has gone wrong. The Facebook link box has been removed. This way the link looks much more boring. And does not give the reader much information, so they are less likely to click on it.

So this is the right way to post a link message on Facebook.

right way to post links in Facebook


You add some text introducing the link and then only show the Facebook link box. And now you are ready to post it on Facebook.


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