How much time goes into wordpress research?

Why would I hire someone to help me with my wordpress website?

Yes, most things in wordpress are pretty easy. It is an easy system to manage once you know what you are doing. But if you do that without help even that can take some time to master.

When that happens it is nice to have some help.

As you know I offer coursed to help you master those skills yourself so you can build your own website.

If you don’t want to do this or just don’t have the time, I can build things for you.

Let me give you an example of how long it took me to master a new skill.

Recently I heard more and more talk about google authorship. And of course I wanted it for myself. What google authorship does is an a photo next to your blog articles when they show up in google.


I soon found out that it involved having a google+ page. I have one but have never done much with it. But following some instructions I had found online I set out to implement the needed steps on google+ and on my website.

Within an hour I had failed miserably. The google+ side of things worked. But I had no idea how to get the code onto my website. I have admitted this before, I am not technical. And this part of the business takes time.

So more research followed. By now I had already invested hours without any result.

Then by watching many social media websites I came across a course on how to do this. I followed a free webinar to see if this was suitable for me.

  • Did I like the presenter?
  • Did they use language that I could understand.

When al the boxes ticked I decided to buy this course.

Before I could start with it I needed to install a plugin with an author box.

This is an example of an author box.

Right, easy this was something I could manage in a spare 15 minutes.

Not, the first author box plugin I tried crashed my complete website, and I needed to email my techie friend to get it working again. [So you know any plugin I recommend to you, I have tried on my own website and I know that if you work with the theme I recommended, it will work on your website]

The second option did install but for the life of me, I could not find out how to change the settings. It took me another hour and the help of my friend to find out where to adjust the settings.

Only now was I ready to do the course itself. That took another two hours just to watch the videos and then more time to implement what I had been shown.

But now I have an author box on my website, my website is configured for google authorship, linked to my google+ page and the snippets work. My blog posts now show my picture.

This is a little insight into all the work that goes into me helping you with your website and social media.

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