What should be on your homepage

Basically your homepage is your calling card and your front door. Not everyone will enter through the front door but a lot of people will. They will have found you through a search or someone has given them your web address.

People have found you and are coming for a first visit. They don’t know you or what you have to offer and like most people searching on the internet today they don’t have a lot of time to find out.


#1 what are you about 

They need to be able to find this out in an instant. If they don’t understand your homepage they will click away and never come back.

So you need to tell them what you do and this needs to be at the top of your page. Devices are getting smaller and smaller and you don’t want people to have to scroll down to find out important info about you.


#2 Your menu bar

They have got what you are about and they are interested to know more. Next a lot people will have a look at your menu bar. The biggest tip I can give you here: be clear! Don’t think up smart titles. People expect a home button, and things like FAQ, contact, resources etc. And keep it short! If you have a lot of pages, make them subpages so the menu does not look cluttered.


#3 Showcase your best pages 

Give people a little taste of your best pages. It’s a good way to entice them to go to those pages and read all there is.


#4 Add a ‘Call to Action’

A ‘Call to Action’ means that you guide people to do something. When you have people on your homepage you want them to take the next step.

This can either be:

  • To have a look at other pages on your site. You can achieve this with the showcase.
  • Have an opportunity to keep them updated about what you do. You achieve this to ask them to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Have people contact you with questions or sign up for a session. You can add a box on the page where people are automatically led to your contact page and can easily leave you a message.

Don’t make your homepage too cluttered with information, images and don’t use too many different colours.



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