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You can hire me per hour for small jobs. Or if you want to spar with me about your needs.

See some of the options below. If yours is not listed do get in contact to see what I can do for you.

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What my Clients Say

When I knew I had to set up a new website for myself I hadn’t a clue where to start. The whole technology side was a complete mystery to me. Fortunately I knew Mieke. She dealt with absolutely everything for me with patience and humour, answered all my daft questions, found ideas and made suggestions, and metaphorically held my hand until I was willing to try to fly for myself. Her advice and suggestions have been invaluable throughout. She is always up to date with her vast knowledge and is very willing to share. I’m so pleased I asked her to help me and have a website that I am proud of as a result and was getting notice on online searches from day 1.
Liane Collins
I was very resistant to prioritising my time to do whatever I needed in order to get a website. Why should someone who has been practising so long, have to engage with such things? That was my attitude. Mieke reassured me I did not need to become a technical expert at all. During the time she coached me, I created the space necessary to think about my practice and where I wanted it to go. I recommend Mieke to anyone who has any similar resistance. You will find she is very patient and knowledgeable; she won’t give up on you and you will discover it really is fun when it all starts to happen!.
David Newns
If you’re a therapist and need/want your own website and aren’t skilled enough to do it yourself (that’s definitely me) send Mieke a message! She designed my awesome website for my private practice about 4 years ago and is so great about letting me know when updates need to be done or if I might want to think about refreshing something.
Though Mieke is extremely talented in creating bold, eye-catching but subtle websites, one of her best features is her promptness!
She is also very affordable which is important if you are starting out to have your own practice. Mieke also helped me out before designing my website. She’s a great business coach for therapists (knows her stuff) and super creative at helping you get the tools to expand your business/yourself.
I highly recommend sending Mieke a quick message to get the ball rolling, you won’t be disappointed. 
Ann Allega

Frequently Asked Question

That is completely up to you. We can meet on Zoom or another video platform or you can send me emails.

Not normally. Usually I will be able to help you very soon. Especially if it is just one or two questions. For a big project you may need to wait until I finish another. But I aim to get your work done as soon as possible.

You are correct. I am a Dutch national but fluent in English. Over the last ten years I have worked mainly with British clients.

I am an online therapist and coach myself. I am also a board member for ACTO. (association for counselling and therapy online) So I am very up to date on what is important to an online therapist or coach.

I use a tool called toggl where I will log all my time that I spend on your questions. The minimum time you can hire me is one hour. After that I will charge you per 15 minutes segments.

So starting rate is 20 pound / euro

Next 1 to 15 minutes will be 5 pound / euro per 15 minute segment

Just fill in the ‘get started‘ form and I will be in touch within 2 working days.

I work on trust. And often I don’t know how much time a project will take me. So I will send you an invoice after we finish. I have a British bank account [and a Dutch one] and I ask for payments within 14 days of finishing your project.

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