My goals for 2015

In December I talked about goals and marketing plans. I thought it would be helpful if I shared with you some of my plans for the coming year.

First! I am not going it alone. That is so important when you work in private practice. I have a mentor I can check with to see if I am on the right path. Several friends who are also building their business, to brainstorm and swap ideas. It is so nice to hear someone else say that you are on the right path or just give you a pat on the back.

For my Social Media and blog posts I use monthly planners. I pencil in on which days I want to post what. And what I want to blog about. Next to this I keep a list with blog ideas. Every time I come across something interesting I ad it to the list to work on later.

To save time I don’t post on Social Media every day. I set aside some time every week to schedule my posts for about a week. That saves me a lot of time. Of course I do check the accounts as it is important to reply when someone has left a comment. At the very least I will “like” a comment to show people that I have seen their comment.

image (2)Next to Social Media I have also set goals for the rest of my marketing business and counselling practice.

  • I want to finish 2 courses that people can download and do at their own pace.
  • The amount of business coaching clients I would like this year.
  • New avenues of finding clients
  • Speaking engagements.

This is just a piece of it and an example of how you can write it down. After that I break it down in 4 sets of 3 months. This way it is much easier to keep myself accountable and see if I am on track.

I am very grateful to Erno Hannink some of the information in this post comes from his workbook [in Dutch] Another tip: write your goals down! When something is on paper and not just in your head, it is easier to stick to it.

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