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After weeks of studying, I have now been updating websites for clients for the last two weeks. And I want to tell you honestly how that is going.

I love most aspects of working on websites. Starting with a blank canvas and then seeing a website grow before your eyes. It can be a little puzzle yet it is the only kind of puzzle I enjoy.

What can be annoying are the little things that take forever. That can be as small as just not getting a comma in the right place and you have no idea why your software is not behaving the way it should because you are doing nothing wrong. That eats time and energy.

And that is the reason why I decided to charge for updating the websites to SSL.

Most are pretty straightforward. I make the privacy page and place that in the footer of the website and make sure it is also mentioned in the cookie policy. Then I place a few plugins that help make the website GDPR compliant. To end with I tell my client with whom they need processing agreements and if I have those already myself I pass them on.

Case study

But once in a while, you get those cases were things just do not go right. I will not mention the name of the hosting company. Let’s just say it is American.

Installing the SSL certificate [which produces the secure green lock on your website] can be the trickiest to do. Some hosting companies will do the whole process for you, others will let you do it. And they all ask different prices for it. Most do not allow SSL’s that you bought somewhere else. So that can be a bit of a nightmare.

Well on Thursday I bought the SSL for a client and then tried to find the instructions on how to install it. Unclear. Next step was to find support. No email, I had to call them. Luckily it was a local number. They gave me the exact instructions on what I had to do and I thanked them kindly. Two hours later I still could not install it as I could not find the steps they had so kindly explained to me. Called again and after a 20 minutes, wait had another kind person from India on the phone. She informed me that I did not have to install the SSL, it would be done automatically. The information I received two hours earlier was wrong.

On Friday morning the SSL was indeed almost working. I still had to tweak some settings before I had the magic green lock. Happiness!!! By now I had been at it almost 4 hours, waiting times on the phone included. I wrote my client a happy note telling them I had completed the work. Then an email from the hosting company arrives telling me they had deleted the SSL and reimbursed the money.

Well not a happy bunny at that moment. You guessed it, I picked up the phone again. And 25 minutes talked to a person assuring me that they would never delete a product without the client’s permission. I managed to stay polite but tell them that I had not asked for that. There was nothing they could do for me but start the whole process again.

Moments like that I do not like my job. I will start fresh next week. At least I know what to do this time. And for the first time in my life, I rated a company a fat 0 on their help desks. And no I will not recommend them to my clients.


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