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Have you had a chance to look at the free stuff on my website? I really hope so as I wrote my freebies with you in mind. With all I create, I keep you in mind. That is not so hard for me as I am an online therapist myself. So if I struggle with something, chances are it is going to affect you as well.

I also thought about the ethics of online marketing before I dove in. So I totally understand if you do. That is why I wrote the short paper “Is social media for you?“  In this paper I set out why I think online marketing on social media is ethical and it can help you grow your private practice.

If you are an online therapist and you want to read up more on ethics I can also recommend the ACTO website. ACTO is the organisation for online therapists. [Disclaimer: I am on ACTO’s board of directors] There is free information on there as well as stuff that is only for members.  The Facebook group for members often has lively discussions around the subject of social media.

The second product in my freebies section is around the use of Instagram for marketing. I noticed that many of my fellow counsellors are not that fond of working on a small smartphone screen. And Instagram is a tool for smartphones. Yet Instagram is also fast becoming more important in the field of social media marketing. And it would be a pity to miss out because you don’t like a smartphone. I have found some free ways to schedule your posts from your laptop. And I am sharing two of those with you in this mini course. This also gives you an idea of how I structure my courses and what kind of content I share with you in them.

So a free way to see if you like my way of working. As I have posted before my first full course will go live on September 1st. If you would like to be the first to know about it then please sign up for my newsletter.

If are an OLT alumni you will get a 10% discount to all my courses. All OLT certificates and diplomas apply.

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