Free Mini Course – 2 ways to post to Instagram from your laptop

by Mieke Haveman

Do you like the idea of adding Instagram to your marketing repertoire?

But you never did because you don’t like working it for your phone or it is too much hassle to get your post images to your phone first? Or like me you have butter fingers and can never get things right on a small screen?

This mini course is the solution you need.

  • It won’t take much of your time
  • Teach you two free ways to post to Instagram from your laptop
  • Easy to follow
  • ‘How to’ guide with images
  • Videos to lead you through the steps
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What Will You Learn on this mini course?


This Is What You Will Learn

To use Instagram from your laptop


This Is What You Will Learn

Second way is through a popular Social Media scheduler using their free option


This Is What You Will Learn

first way is through Facebook. I will guide you through the steps to set this up


This Is What You Will Get at the end of the course

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About Mieke

Mieke Haveman

Mieke Haveman

Course creator

I am Mieke Haveman and I have been an online therapist and tutor for nearly 10 years. As a therapist I know exactly how hard it can be to learn how to do your own social media. It is not covered in your therapist training and it can leave you wondering what will work for you.

I did that all on my own and I love sharing my knowledge with you. Let me teach you how you can best use several forms of Social Media in your practice.

As not everybody is super technical I will explain it all without geek language. I will include both ‘how to’ guides with text and images, as well as videos for the visual learners.

This course was very timely, I recently signed up for Instagram not understanding how it worked and then discovered I could only post via my phone. I emailed an image to myself on my phone and uploaded to Instagram that way but it was very clumsy and Ihaven’t used it since. By doing your course I have now linked our facebook page to instagram and have just posted my first post from Hootsuite. Your course is very easy to follow, love the videos. Very useful. Thanks Mieke and I look forward to doing another of your courses.

B McDonald

Online Counsellor

A step by step guide which benefits from both video & text so appealing to different learners.  I found I moved between the 2 both others might find they stick to just one medium.  I am delighted to say this course is Endorsed by Online Training for Counsellors.

OLT owners

Online Training for Counsellors

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