First Power Women in online therapy Online Summit October 19 – 23

I have hinted that I had something in the works that I have been really hard at work on the last couple of months and I am very proud to present the first power women in online therapy online summit.

I have been working as an online counsellor, tutor and marketeer for 10 years now and during those years I have been privileged to meet so many remarkable women in this profession. I feel so honored that 9 of them have agreed to be interviewed for this summit. They will be sharing years of wisdom with you on all sorts of topics that have to do with online therapy.

In the blogs of the next couple of weeks I will be introducing the presenters to you a bit more. And you can find out more about them here and sign up for the conference.

Some will be talking about how to market your practice online, others on education and on ACTO. Some will share their specialty fields of work with you and show you what is possible online.

The interviews will be recorded beforehand and will be shared on Facebook in the week of October 19 till 23. Two a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Many presenters will try to be present on Facebook when the interview goes live so you can chat with them and ask them any question you may have. So it is useful to try and attend live.

This summit is completely free but if you sign up you will get reminders of when the interviews will go live and you do get access to the offers that some of the presenters have for you.

Make sure you don’t miss any of these presenations!

Sign up:

Sign up to get access to the offers some of the presenters have for attendees and to get notifications on when the interviews will go live.


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