[themecolor]THE social media site out there at the moment. Not only young people are on Facebook.  All ages, men and women.[/themecolor]

When you start out with Facebook you first have to make a personal page. If you don’t want to use Facebook personally you just leave it as blank as possible. It is just something you need to be able to build a business page. These used to be called fan pages, but business pages have a more professional ring.

[themecolor]What will I help you with?[/themecolor]

  • Set up your business page and help you fill in your information.
  • Walk you through the basics of your new page
  • Advice on selecting your timeline photo and your profile photo.
  • Advice on how often, which times and what to post on Facebook.
  • Help you figure out where to find that information and organize it in such a way that it takes you little time each day
  • Help setting up apps for your Facebook business page
  • Explaining how Facebook advertising works and what it can do for you.


After we have finished your page you can email me with questions.

This workshop is offered through OLT [online training for counsellors]


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