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It was 2014 when I made my first self study product. It was in the form of a downloadable guide with links to videos. I think it was about 40 pages and I was very proud of it.

Of course I could have left it like that when I decided to make it into a course. I had spent a lot of hours putting it all together. Several years I made updates with what had changed on Facebook and of course I provided that to all those who had bought the guide, free of charge.

Being a perfectionist I quickly realized that this was the moment to redo it completely. And I think I ended up using only under 50% of the original material. Facebook has a habit of changing the way it looks at least once a year. It also keeps adding new features for its users. This meant that many of the old images looked slightly off so they had to go and be replaced with fresh new images. The

same goes for the videos. In August I will be rewriting almost all of the videos I made before.


Why go through all this trouble? I hate it when I spend money on a course myself and the material seems to be years old. And yes that happens more often than you would think. So this was something I did not want to do myself. In future it will be so much easier to update. Now that it is in course form I can just go into a chapter and change the images, text and videos of one section.

What I once thought would be a week or maybe two weeks job in the end turned out to take me most of the summer. In July I updated text and images and in August I will make new videos. I have more than doubled the content. And I have also thrown in sections on how to make ads and how to run a Facebook group.

The course will go live on September 1st. If you would like to know what my courses are like you can try out my free mini course on Instagram posting.

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