Facebook changes – what you should know

Facebook has a habit of making changes often and they have again at the start of this year. Some will affect your private profile and others may affect your business page.

Tip! Go through the privacy settings on your private profile to see if they have changed and adjust what you want. It is a good idea to do this several times a year anyway.

One thing Facebook is really going to enforce from the 1st of this year is keeping business and personal private. A lot of people have been using their private profile to promote their business. Please don’t do it anymore. You run a strong risk that Facebook will turn your private profile into a business page without informing you first. They really want to have a better distinction between private and business.

Another aspect will affect business pages. If you post something that sounds too salesy, Facebook will show it to less people.

This sounds like a really big thing and I have already heard from panicked business owners who doubt they should still be on Facebook. Let me explain why I think you should still be.

  1. Your Facebook strategy should not be all about selling. In fact selling should only be a small part of it. Social Media is all about connecting with people. And you can still do that! New people are still able to find you, follow you and hear the wisdom you have to share. And that will lead them back to your website. That is exactly what you want.facebook purple
  2. Search engines like it when you are active on Social Media. Posting regular still has a positive effect. It is possible that people f
    ind you because your social media pages show up in the search engines.
  3. The first two methods I have shown above are absolutely free. The last one isn’t. And that is to experiment with Facebook ads. Especially when you want to promote a service or something new in your practice. Before the Internet we were much more used to spend money on advertising. But on the internet people expect everything to be free. You do not need to spend much money to experiment with Facebook ads and find out if it can work for you.

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