Facebook ads – the power of images

Something I don’t cover much in my workshop Facebook business page, are ads. I just cover the basics. Because even though I have read up on it, followed two extensive courses on ads myself. Facebook ads can be tricky.

[themecolor]There are many factors that can decide if your ad will do well or not:[/themecolor]

  • Your headline
  • Your text
  • Your chosen illustration
  • The targeted audience
  • Where you have decided to show your ad. Timeline or sidebar.
  • Does it show to mobile audience or not?

You can see there is a lot to think about and all of this can influence your ad. So how are you going to find out what works and what doesn’t?

I will give you an example. A little while I was running ads to advertise my upcoming Facebook business page workshop. I ran two ads where everything was the same expect for the images I used.

As I run these workshops together with OLT [Online training for counsellors] I used one with the OLT logo and one with a banner I had made myself. Everything else I mentioned in the list above was the same.

the ad with OLT Logo
the ad with OLT Logo


ad with banner
ad with banner

This experiment told me that the banner did much better than the logo. I was not surprised. It is a fact that people respond well to images of women. I had chosen a woman with a laptop on her lap so it made clear that it had something to do with computers. It is important that the image has something to do with what you are trying to advertise. And I added some text next to the image. [you can’t use more than 20% text or Facebook will not run it]

On the other hand the OLT logo was not well known enough and I did not use text inside the image. Even though there was text above and below the ad image it did not do the trick of getting people interested in the ad.

Because I kept all the other factors the same, I could say with certainty that it was the image that decided which ad did well and which one didn’t.

There is a lo more I could tell about Facebook ads. Because once you get the hang of them, they are a great method to advertise online.

So if you want me to share more about Facebook ads let me know through comments or on my Facebook page.




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