I love to share with you the products that make my working life a little easier. Especially if they are free like Evernote is.

It has taken me a really long time to come around and use it. I would see ads pop up and people mention how great Evernote is in reviews but I didn’t really get it. I did not fancy downloading another program and spending a lot of time getting to know it and then in the end not use it at all. Yes I have done a lot of that as well.

After another glowing review I caved and downloaded Evernote to try it out. I read some documentation on their website and watched a few video reviews and then had a pretty good idea on how to use it.

Evernote is basically a program that lets you sort all your notes in an orderly fashion. You can put them together in notebooks. You can also add tags to notes so you can find everything on one subject easily enough.

A fairly new feature is alerts. With this function you can make to do lists as well and send yourself an alert when your task should be finished.

One of the things I love best is the app called webclipper. This is a small program that you add to your web browser. In my case google chrome. With web clipper you can store whole webpages in your notebooks. I love this when I am doing research on a topic. I have my own notes and my favorite web sites together in one place. This saves me a lot of searching.evernote webclipper

Another great feature is that you can use and sync Evernote over several platforms [Mac, Windows, tablets, Ipad, Android]

You have to be online to see your notes on a tablet or smartphone, but for  a small amount you can update your subscription so you can see notebooks offline and extend your storage limits. I do this on a month to month basis. As only use the premium version when I am away from home and I need my notes for work or for travel tips. Pretty soon I started using Evernote in my private life as well.

There are many more apps you can download for Evernote on your laptop or your tablet/smartphone. I have only tried a few but there are some pretty handy ones out there.

If you have some spare time, give this program a try. Play around with it for a bit and then use it to organize your ideas. And let me know how you like it.

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