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Ever used Fiverr?

You lack the skills to work with photoshop yourself, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on designers.

If that is you, I have a solution for you.Fiverr. This is a brilliant concept. Everything on this website is 5 dollar.

I have used Fiverr several times myself now. As I am definitely not a wizard with photoshop. This is one area I am not going to spend time on.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to update my twitter profile and my Facebook timeline and drag my google+ page into 2013. Doing these three jobs cost me 15$ which is even less in euro.

At that price you can take a gamble. If you don’t like what the designer comes up with, you have lost next to nothing. If you do like it, you have got the deal of a lifetime. Some designers even allow you to make changes to their first draft.

These are my new Facebook and Google+ pic. [these were two jobs as the format is different on these social media networks]

It is important to give the designer some information they can work with. In my case I told them the words I wanted on the pic and gave them a link to my website so they can get a feel for the site and the colours I use.

Then let them use their imagination.

How do you pick from the long list? After I fill in what I want in the search box, a long list of people offering just that can turn up. I then click on rating to see how others have rated their work. From the list of high rated designers I pick one who’s style I like [they will list examples of their work] and one who has a waiting list that is not too long.

Just experiment with this, and who knows you might be just as happy with the results as I am.

Ps this is the designer who did my pics. Nichole Rose.

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