Essential oils – what they could mean for you

I usually keep my businesses separate but I am going to devote one blog post to another passion of mine: essential oils.

It is something that has always spoken to me, but until recently I would occasionally buy something and use it. Earlier this year I decided that needed to change. I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle using natural products. And I wanted another stream of income.

I use the essential oils for both. First I will go into how it has changed my lifestyle.

Working from home means that I can usually set the hours I want to work but sometimes I have a meeting at times that are not my best. Or a client can only commit to a time that my energy is usually not the highest. This is one of the reasons I started to look at essential oils. Some have really helped me to focus and have more energy.

What works really well for me is to put some drops of oil in a diffuser and just have that on for a few hours. Orange really is a favorite of mine, the smell just makes me happy.diffuser

Another way I use is to use the oils on my skin. They are so strong that I use a base oil like almond or jojoba and just add a few drops of the oil I want. That way they last a long time!

When starting out I was dubious but willing to give this a try. I had heard that others had good results but I was not sure the same would go for me. But it has! I even use less painkillers!

That is why I think it could benefit others counsellors and businesspeople working from home. To get through that occasional hour or day that you just need a little boost.

So we come to the second point another business stream. I get my oils from Young Living. They do not have shops so you have to get them online. You can do this as a customer, but also building a business where you tell other people about the oils and they sign up as customers or distributors. I am a distributor. What I like about Young Living is that they grow their own materials and manufacture their own oils. Too many of the oils you find in shops are low quality. And when you sign up, you don’t have to buy everything every month. You just buy when you need something. To be honest, I like the oils so much that I end up ordering something new every month. But you don’t have to! I hate it when people are pressured into doing something. And I could never sell something that I don’t use and like myself. That is why this product is perfect for me.


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