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My business is mostly in English although I am a Dutch native. Maybe you have wondered how this came to be. The honest truth is mostly by accident. I have always been very English centred. I did study to become a teacher of English after finishing secondary school but never finished. And I spent many a holiday in the UK and USA. Besides having a ton of English speaking friends.

When I decided I wanted to be an online counsellor I could not find any course in the Netherlands but I found an English course that I really liked and could afford. I did my online training with OLT in 2010. And the next year they asked me to become a tutor on one of their courses. Two years later I was also a member of the OCTIA  committee which I did until 2018. And in 2017 I became a director with ACTO and the external examiner for the academy for online counselling and psychotherapy. So a very large part of my network and referrals come from the UK.

Yet I did do some work [other than counselling] in Dutch. In 2015 I did a training to become a pain expert coach with CCZW. They asked me if I could make a training about online work. I did this together with my friend and fellow counsellor Debbie. And until the end of 2019 we worked on Dutch language courses for mainly coaches. For personal reasons Debbie will not continue next year. This means we will be closing our Dutch website. But the courses we made are of great value for native Dutch speakers. I have some figuring out to do but my plan is to add them to this website in January. So do not be surprised when a Dutch language page suddenly appears. New courses will probably be added in both languages. Although it takes a lot longer as I have to do everything twice! I am finding that out now with the Pinterest course which is nearly ready to go live.Â

The Dutch courses offer the basics of online work in Dutch. Much like the English certificates. So it is not a full diploma course but it will teach you the basics of working online and after that you can decide if you would like to go on to a diploma course.


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