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This week’s blog post is just some things that are coming up:

Either here on this website or in the world of Social Media

[themecolor]This website:[/themecolor]

The look of the website is going to change slightly in a few weeks time. I want to experiment with putting in more images. The experts are saying that a simple website with nice images is the way to go at the moment so of course I want to try that out myself.

That is the nice thing about WordPress, I am able to try that out and if I don’t like it, it is very simple to change back to my original style.

[themecolor]Social Media[/themecolor]

Facebook have finally announced when the new business page lay out will roll out for everyone. They are saying June 6th!

So be prepared to have your page look different then, and some of your apps being in a different location. I will do a blog post on the new lay out when it has gone live for me.  And I will tell you what you may need to change for your page to be effective.

facebook purple

Have you ever considered having a presence on Pinterest. Pinterest works with boards of images. And this may be interesting if you work with clients who are very visual.


You can have secret boards that are just between you and the client where you can both add images and even videos. They have recently added the possibility to have a business page.

[cta headline=”Want to know more?” buttontext=”Email me” buttonlink=”https://marketingcounsellors.nl/contact-me/” ] If you want to know more about what Social Media can do for you, drop me an email [/cta]

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