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Moving forward : Divi

Moving forward : Divi

The internet is forever moving forward. And every few years there are new trends. The same is true for the way websites look. Last year I did mention that I was trying out a new theme called Divi. I have now been working with it for about a year and in this year I...
Workshops through OLT

Workshops through OLT

This summer I have been hard at work updating my workshop and short course that I will be running through OLT. OLT stands for Online Training for Counsellors and is a company that has been providing courses on online counselling for over ten years now. Their students...

WordPress translation

As most of you know, I am Dutch. But as I have a lot of English language clients, I started out with an English website. Most Dutch people are fluent in English so that seemed the logical choice Yet I wanted to do something in my own language as well. This is not...

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