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Mieke’s Marketing for Counsellors Mieke’s Marketing for Counsellors, gevestigd aan Krugerlaan 185 2806 EG Gouda, is verantwoordelijk voor de verwerking van persoonsgegevens zoals weergegeven in deze privacyverklaring. Contactgegevens:...
My new counselling website

My new counselling website

At the end of last year I thought it was time to update my counselling website. This was the one website I had not made myself and I really noticed that my taste had changed over the years. To give myself another challenge I decided to work with a new theme. Divi...

Happy new year!

I hope you will all have a good new year’s eve and a great start to the year.   Have you made new year’s resolutions for yourself and for your business? Why not talk to me about great ideas for your business in 2015. Contact me me for a free consultation...

Happy holidays

I hope you will all enjoy some time off to spend with family and friends. Or any other way that you enjoy. I remember when I worked in a bookstore and the days before christmas were the busies of the year. I just wanted to rest up and watch DVD’s during the...

Coming soon

This week’s blog post is just some things that are coming up: Either here on this website or in the world of Social Media [themecolor]This website:[/themecolor] The look of the website is going to change slightly in a few weeks time. I want to experiment with...

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