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your marketing plan for 2015

your marketing plan for 2015

The beginning of the the calendar year is an ideal time to make a marketing plan. Especially if you are in private practice it is so important to have a plan and goals. It makes it much easier to keep track of what you are doing and how well you are doing....
Workshops through OLT

Workshops through OLT

This summer I have been hard at work updating my workshop and short course that I will be running through OLT. OLT stands for Online Training for Counsellors and is a company that has been providing courses on online counselling for over ten years now. Their students...
Recent Gmail changes

Recent Gmail changes

Over the last couple of months Gmail has been making a lot of changes to it’s appearance. But recently they have come out with an update that is very important for those who use email marketing. [newsletter] Gmail has started working with tabs and installed them for...


As counselors we are used to doing a lot of research. It is part of who we are and most of our associations even ask us to do so many hours of research a year.   We are also often people who want to make sure that we do things right. The perfectionist lurks in all of...

Some tips for setting up for video

[themecolor] Videos are good marketing tools for your website[/themecolor] Last Sunday I had my marketing interview with onlinevents. It was great to do, and I was happy to see that lots of peopl showed up to listen. Before we started talkin for an hour sounded so...

My first interview

Marketing is all about getting known.  I have talked about ways to get your name out there before. Most of that had to do with with building up a presence on Social Media and working on your blog. Next Sunday [September 2nd] I am doing something new. I will give a...

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