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Over the years I have noticed how little practical information is covered in most counselling courses. Little to no marketing advice and nothing about how to set up your own website. Many of us want to set up our own practice but we are not prepared at all on how to do this.  And in the modern world more and more people search for a therapist online, so you need a web presence.

In the past it was almost impossible to do this. You needed a lot of technical knowledge to build a website. So you really had to hire a web designer to do it for you. That was expensive and pretty annoying that you had to email them for every little change you wanted made to your website.

[themecolor]To fill this lack I have developed a course  “how to build your own wordpress website” together with OLT.[/themecolor] [online training for counsellors]

With WordPress all that has changed. WordPress is a system that makes it easy for you to build and maintain your website.

We have developed a course that will teach you how to use WordPress. The course will not use jargon [or explain it straight away] and will make it easy for you to follow and implement what you learn.

[themecolor]Included in the course:[/themecolor]

How your WordPress dashboard works. The area were you build your website.

  •  How to make pages and postswordpress
  •  Include photos, audio and video
  • Install widgets and plugins [explained in the course]
  •  Update your own website, add and remove pages

Part of the course is a handbook with instructions and photos.

And video tutorials to take you through the steps of making your website.

There are a few extras not included in the price of the course, but most of these are optional. The only thing that you really need to take care of yourself is hosting and domain name. [This means buying the name for your website and some space online to put. You pay for these two components every year] I can however help you with selecting a good hosting company and help you with applying there.

The course will take 8 weeks. You will work on building your website with the help of the handbook and the video tutorials. Once a week there are group meetings with your tutor where you can ask questions and get more help with building your website.

After the summer when I have run a pilot with volunteers and ironed out the last kinks I will post more information here about how you can sign up for this course and get started with your own website!

And of course you can contact me for more information.


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