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[themecolor] Why not build your own website?[/themecolor]


I know that sounds a bit daunting, but nowadays it is possible to do so. WordPress really makes it easier.

And you would not have to do it on your own. You would have my support along the way and a group who can also support each other.

If you learn how to build your own, you can really keep your costs down for the website. There would only be some little tasks you would have to have a web developer do for you. But you could:

  • Build your own pages
  • Add illustrations
  • Manage a blog

And that is only the beginning.

[themecolor]This is what we will cover during the course:[/themecolor]


Module 1 – Things to do before we start working in WordPress

Module 2 – The lay-out, dashboard and important settings

Module 3 – pages + menus

Module 4 – Blogs

Module 5 – Plugins + widgets

Module 6 – Media + updating + review website

Module 7 – Setting up the website with Nevada settings

Module 8 – Special pages in Nevada

Next to this there will be a handbook with lots of “how to” information and illustrations. “How to” videos and email support.

[themecolor]This is NOT the kind of course you buy and have to work through on your own. I will be available to help you through it every step of the way.[/themecolor]

An added bonus for you is that I host my courses through OLT [online training for counsellors] so a completed course comes with CPD hours.

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