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Black Friday Deals

Available until Midnight Monday December 2nd

Give your practice a boost! All these deals are focussed on getting you noticed online.

Black Friday Deals

Rules to get your deals

All deals will be open until midnight on Monday 2nd of December. After that this page will be taken down.

I am available for any questions you may have during the day time each day.

You can buy one of each!!!

Let me help you get your marketing off the ground.

Facebook Business Page Course

40% Discount

Use Facebook to give your business a boost. Easily to follow text and videos made with you in mind.

Pinterest For Business

40% discount

Pinterest can get you tons of traffic.Learn how you can set up Pinterest to attract a lot of traffic for your practice.

Coaching bundle

25% discount

If you commit to three months of coaching  with me [February – April 2020] You will get a 25% discount.

Black Friday Deals

Facebook page made

25% discount

This will be page and cover image created. [Creation will start from January 13th on a first come first served basis]

Basic Website Made

25% discount

If you don’t have a website yet but were thinking about having one made next year.  [Creation will start from January 13th on a first come first served basis]

Extensive Website Made

25% discount

If you don’t have a website yet but were thinking about having one made next year.  [Creation will start from January 13th on a first come first served basis]

Mieke Haveman

You may ask what I have to offer you that other website builders and social media managers don’t. I can assure you that I speak your language. I am a qualified counsellor and coach. Also qualified as an online counsellor and tutor. So I know your world. I know how little marketing and websites are part of your training.

Black Friday Deals

What others say

When I knew I had to set up a new website for myself I hadn’t a clue where to start. The whole technology side was a complete mystery to me. Fortunately I knew Mieke. She dealt with absolutely everything for me with patience and humour, answered all my daft questions, found ideas and made suggestions, and metaphorically held my hand until I was willing to try to fly for myself. Her advice and suggestions have been invaluable throughout and I always know she is there with website, video tips and guidance, and marketing suggestions anytime I need them. She is always up to date with her vast knowledge and is very willing to share. I’m so pleased I asked her to help me and have a website that I am proud of as a result – and was getting notice on online searches from day 1.

Thank you Mieke

Liane Collins

Owner Silverleaf Counselling, Silverleaf Counselling

[about coaching]

I was very resistant to prioritising my time to do whatever I needed in order to get a website. “Why should someone who has been practising so long, have to engage with such things?” was my attitude. Mieke reassured me I did not need to become a technical expert at all. During the time she coached me, I created the space necessary to think about my practice and where I wanted it to go. I recommend Mieke to anyone who has any similar resistance. You will find she is very patient and knowledgeable; she won’t give up on you and you will discover it really is fun when it all starts to happen!

Very many thanks Mieke.

David Newns


"Mieke's Facebook workshop course was both informative and easy to follow. Although I haven't started a Private Practice yet and enrolled on the course for interest rather than needs, it is assuring to know that I could re-approach Mieke for advice in the future and receive up-to-date information on any changes. Also, the Facebook group set up for participants of the workshop is a valuable 'meeting place' in which questions can be asked and experiences/ideas shared."

Amy S


[Social Media workshop]

Mieke's self guided course gave me the knowledge I required to have a professional social media presence. The great thing was that I could study the course at my own pace and following the course I still have all the material to refer to. Mieke was always available to answer my queries and tailor the course to my specific needs. 

Sheelagh Ward

Phoenix counselling

[Free Instagram course]

This course was very timely, I recently signed up for Instagram not understanding how it worked and then discovered I could only post via my phone. I emailed an image to myself on my phone and uploaded to Instagram that way but it was very clumsy and I haven't used it since. By doing your course I have now linked our facebook page to instagram and have just posted my first post from Hootsuite. Your course is very easy to follow, love the videos. Very useful. Thanks Mieke and I look forward to doing another of your courses.

Babs McDonald

[About Facebook Business Page self-study course]

The introduction to new platforms such as  Feeedly and Canva was really useful, I always thought therapists were scouring the internet for stories to share on their news feed! how naive was I (Lol)

On a more personal note, I found your voice to be  calming and it soothed any anxiety or worry i around the technical aspects of the course (Well done you)


Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday Deals

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