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WordPress website example OCTIA

This week I have been working on the OCTIA website. If you are not familiar with OCTIA, it is a British organisation that organised a yearly conference on online counselling. It is well worth a visit. The conference takes place in Bristol

The OCTIA website is an example of what you can do with WordPress. You really don’t need a flashy website. In fact those kinds of websites don’t do well anymore. Anything made in Flash [usually intro’s that also load very slowly] does not get indexed by Google well. And Ipad’s and Iphone’s don’t read flash at all.

With mobile devices in mind [and more and more people will access websites through mobile devices in the future] it makes much more sense to have a simple website.

[themecolor]People want:[/themecolor]

  • To find information easily
  • Not be drowned in information they don’t want
  • Clear navigation that tells them what to do

[themecolor]And WordPress offers you:[/themecolor]

  • An easy way to add your meta description and meta tags
  • Include nice looking widgets without knowing HTML
  • Plugins to include about anything you can think off
  • Control over your content! You don’t need a webmaster to ad your text or even pages.

[themecolor]This way you will give your business a good start without spending a fortune on your website.[/themecolor]

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