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This is one of those posts about the other part of my job. The reason I often know what counsellors need and struggle with is that I am one myself. I am also an online tutor and one of the directors of ACTO. ACTO stands for the association for counselling & therapy online.

It is an organization that looks out for the interests of all those working therapeutically online. We try to make sure that those working online are trained for it. So if you find a therapist on the ACTO register you know that they have been trained to work online.

We also work towards standards in working online. Guidelines and a standard in training. Next to that we work together with organizations all over Europe. One of our goals for the upcoming year is to have a database available for our members with information about rules and regulations in all European countries.

Cardiff CastleWhy do I mention ACTO now? Once a year we get together and have a brainstorm day to see what we can do for our members in the upcoming year. This year that day is next Saturday, the 21st of September. We gather together in Cardiff and lock ourselves in a hotel meeting room and we won’t come out before we have made our plans.

I really enjoy these days. I work from home and I do enjoy that, but it is nice to see each other face to face once in a while as well. The evening before we all go out for a meal and just relax before the real work begins.

Keep in mind that almost all of the work in ACTO is done by volunteers and done next to our own jobs and private life. And we all do it because we care about this profession and we want to do something for others working online.

If you are interested have a look at the ACTO website to see if you would like to join. And it may come as no surprise that I designed the website and am looking after it.


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