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A bit more about my background and why I love working with therapists

I share some of this on my ‘about’ page. But for a long time I have wanted to elaborate on this. Because I am 100% honest when I say that it brings me joy to help each and every one of you. And I want you all to succeed with your private practices.

It feels like only yesterday when I finished my counselling training and I was ready to start my private practice. I always knew that I wanted private practice. By the time I became a counsellor I was already also someone with chronic pain complaints. I desperately wanted to be able to work the hours that suited me best.

The only marketing advice I had received during my training was to go to many network events and to have flyers and business cards.

That led to another problem. Network events? I am an introvert who does not do well in groups. Especially at that time, I would not have known what to say to complete strangers. And that would have involved travel, which tended to tire me out.

Panic! What to do now? How would my potential clients ever find me? Those were also the days that having a website built was very expensive. And it did not dawn on me that you could do all that yourself.

I had my first website built for me in a system that I did not understand. It took me forever to make the smallest change. It took me a few months until I decided I really needed something I could change myself. And that is when I heard about WordPress.

WordPress is a system to make your website yourself. It started out as a blog platform and quickly grew to a platform that hosts complete websites.

And then social media also began to grow and become much more important in marketing. So for about a year I just emerged myself in courses on website building and social media use. Some were free and some were paid. Some were completely useless [also some paid ones] but others brought me a lot.

I was now finally confident enough to set up my own website and social media channels and feeling pretty proud of myself. [although my first attempts would now make me cringe] And pretty soon counselling friends were asking me for advice and I began to include a bit of marketing in my tutoring duties.

To my great surprise I loved doing this sort of thing. The continued learning, and keeping an eye out for new features. I still love that. For example this last year I have been focusing more on Instagram and Pinterest marketing.

I also started marketing for counsellors and enjoyed helping people one on one. But I wanted to help more people. And also my health is sometimes iffy, and I wanted products that would help people even when I would have a bad day. That led to the opening of my self-study university opening in September 2019.

I love the diversity of my work. I still see clients, tutor on online counselling and help therapists with websites and marketing. On top of that I am one of the directors for ACTO, the association for counselling and therapy online.

So now you know a bit more about all I do.

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