4 biggest changes in new Facebook business page Layout

The new layout is finally live! It took a bit longer then we first thought but now all pages have gone to the new layout.

What does that mean for your page?

  1. Your timeline photo

The layout of the timeline photo has slightly changed. I will show this with my timeline photo, which I will need to change in the future. The big change is in the right lower corner. The text that used to be below the photo is now in the photo. For me that means you can’t read my URL in the picture anymore. So please go to your page and check how the new layout has affected your page and if you need to change anything in your picture.

timeline change 1

2. the admin area

The big admin area above your timeline photo is gone. Now you just have a few buttons you can use to get to your information. Which make it look less cluttered and easier to navigate.

timeline change 3

3. The area below your timeline photo

There is less text in the area just below your photo. And most importantly the tabs have moved and are now called apps. Only one app is featured in the row of boxes. In my case it is the newsletter sign up.

4. your messages

Instead of two columns of messages there is now just the one column on the right. All the rest has moved to the left column. This area is now called sections. And by clicking on the pencil of any of them you can change their order around.

timeline change 4

There is:

  • The people who follow you
  • “About” which now automatically shows your URL!
  • Apps
  • Photos
  • Posts to page [by others]
  • Links to page [the pages you have liked]

timeline changes 2

I think all in all it is a much cleaner look. Over the next couple of weeks I will play around with it and get to know the new layout much better. But for now I am not unhappy with it.

[cta headline=”Want more info?” buttontext=”contact me!” buttonlink=”https://marketingcounsellors.nl/contact-me/” ] Let me know your views! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  [/cta]


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