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practical advice and no geek talk
email me to ask what I can do for you

I only work with experienced therapists who are motivated to go from unsure computer

illiterate to someone who trusts the power of her online website, without geek talk and

completely ethical. 

I offer a complete package to get you on your way. I will help you define your ideal

client and help you arrange your website and social media so you will attract your

ideal client.


You want to take your practice online but you are not sure how to do that? I totally get it. I am a counsellor/coach myself and I have been where you are. So I know how hard it can be to make those choices on your own.

I have figured this out for myself years ago and have helped others figure it out. I can help you make the transition online as well.

Below you get an overview of my most important services.


Let me build a website for you and then be able to add stuff yoruself.

Social Media

Find out how I can help you with social media.


If you need some one off advice, why not book a coaching session with me

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with Mieke Haveman to see what she can do for you. No strings attached.

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